Friday, March 16, 2012

Nearly A Month

The triplets are almost a month old.  It's been an exhausting adventure so far.  I love my family so much and couldn't imagine it any differently.  Berlin was so happy to have a sister that she barely noticed the boys at the hospital and our first days home.  It was all about her baby sister Roarke.  Declan didn't runderstand what was going on when we were at the hospital.  I carried him to each of the babies and it wasn't until the third one stirred that he realized they were alive!  He squealed "Baby!" Absolutely adorable. 

Quick recap of events. The brood was born on February 20th.  Scheduled c-section that followed a twin c-section. Dr Seeker delivered five babies by 8:30 Monday morning.  That's the way to do it huh?

Gideon Edward weighed 4lb, 15oz and was 18.5" long at 8:25.

Roarke Helena weighed 4lb, 15oz and was 18" long at 8:27.

Fletcher Cole weighed 4lb, 14oz and was 18.5" long at 8:28.

Boom Boom Boom

Amazing how my wife cooked these kiddos evenly!  All are healthy and no one went to the NICU.  Every nurse, Doctor, tech, housekeeper, etc commented that we were the first set of triplets ever on the floor.  Typically they treat the mother while the babies are in the NICU.  The fact that they are red heads just added to the buzz.

We stayed a couple extra days because the kids were losing grams instead of gaining pounds.  We finally had to juke the system and feed them right before they were weighed to show positive growth. I do not claim to know more than doctors, but they certainly become institutionalized after a time.  They lack common sense when they look at charts all day instead of people.  Aside from waking everyone up to poke and prod (don't they realize how often babies wake up, DO NOT wake a sleeping child when their parents are running on E) the hospital wasn't doing anything differently than we could...without the medical bills.

It was odd, Tina was a guest of the hospital in the room because she'd been discharged while they cared for the trips.  Even more ironic, the doctor's said insurance company started stressing about her staying because it's costing unnecessary money.  Even though if you think about it, Tina did such an amazing job that our triplets aren't costing them the money that the NICU typically costs.  Ever ungrateful. 

I was done with sleeping on a couch and feeling like a prisoner.  We had to purchase another set of car seats to leave the hospital.  If a baby is born before 37 weeks and/or weighs under 5 pounds they must pass a car seat assessment.  They wouldn't use the ones we had with the inserts to fit the newborns.  They were too big and the inserts aren't allowed during testing.  Here's the problem with that line of thought.  You have to calculate the human factor.  They wouldn't test the car seats with the inserts even though we as the parents had 100% intention of using them outside of the hospital.  If the whole point is to make sure the kid doesn't die, shouldn't you test it in the capacity in which it will actually be used?  Also, putting them flat on the ground instead of tilted slightly like they will be in a car was pretty dumb.  Oh well, extra money spent to by my kid's freedom.

Last week's check up, Gideon and Roarke were over their birth weights and  Fletcher was only an ounce behind.  They're sleeping a couple hours at a time on a three hour feeding schedule.  Life is completely different and I couldn't be more grateful.

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