Friday, March 23, 2012

Holistic Browser

A friend posted a link to a Holistic Browser someone created.

So you type in a Web Address and it takes you to one that someone else typed in.

I typed in a porn address because, well, I'm just not above that.  I was directed to WebMD.

I typed in and was directed to a porn site.

I typed in My Blog Address and was directed to a gay porn site.

Apparently none of us have grown up.

It's a novelty for sure and probably a way to find some new sites you wouldn't normally run across but otherwise, why spend the time coding the site?  Then again, you do have to create something in college script courses.  Might as well stand apart.

Give it a shot.  But, like the website says, you might throw your private browser on first.

Had to give it one more whirl though.  I typed in and it took me to a Spanish Zombie Game called Zombonia!

1 comment:

  1. I typed in "what is a June bug" and was referred to your site! Love your blogs! It is 2016, so wondering if you are still doing them?