Friday, February 17, 2012

So Much Stuff, So Little Time!

This is the time I should be recording my thoughts and emotions but I've been so busy and inundated with everything that I haven't been able to touch this piece of  my life. 

Quick recap:

I traveled all over the place in January.  The biggest was my trip to Morristown, New Jersey at the end of the month.  My company held an invite only Leadership Conference for people in my position and my counterparts who cover the airport locations.  This was a huge opportunity to meet the executives of the company and spend quality time with many of them and my fellow comrades in arms.  Truly a fantastic experience even though they kept us scheduled from 7am to 10 pm every night that week.  I even got to meet Jim Craig, goalie for the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" Olympic Hockey team!

My mother-in-law moved in to help us out at the beginning of January.  Her mother came down a week later.  Lemme just say, the help is so needed and appreciated, but having four generations of women living in my house has been a true test of everyone's sanity.  Tina has made it to 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our triplets.  There's no way she could have made it this far without the help my in-laws have provided. 

I'm sure I'll post more on each of those topics later as they were summed up far quicker than reality presents itself.

The big news is that my wife's made it more than three weeks past the average.  She's miserably huge.  Sleep comes in short 20 minute bouts before she has to flip like a rotisserie chicken to remain semi-comfortable.  Last measurements put all three over five pounds which is awesome!  I'm very anti scheduling c-sections.  I believe a baby will come when they are ready.  Triplets create additional risk factors that make me lower my ideals.  So we have them scheduled for Monday morning!

I know they're ready because she's lost that mucous plug thing and has been contracting all week.  That is my solace with the situation.  The specific day isn't the important's their health that I'm concerned with.  I want to avoid NICU time if possible.  I think my trooper of a wife has done the incredible by making it this far with barely a complaint.  These kids will have the best fighting chance because of her!

So, I can't wait to meet my new daughter and two new sons.  Berlin knows there are three babies coming but I don't think she really gets what is going on.  It won't be until they come home that she realizes we aren't playing make believe.  Declan has no clue and unfortunately will become the ultimate middle child if we don't maintain our attention levels appropriately.

Here's to the strongest woman I've ever met and my never ending gratitude for her bringing my five healthy children into this world.