Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suffer Through It

Cracked.com can absorb a lot of my "free time" if I let it.  Daniel O'Brien published an article titled, Five Jobs Everyone In The World Should Have At Some Point, the other day.  This is something I've discussed at length in my past stoner days working as a waiter. 

Waiting tables can be very lucrative at times.  When you're a student who needs drinking money, all that cash in your pocket is a dangerous perk when rent comes due.  The downside of earning cold hard cash in the restaurant industry is you have to serve assholes at their absolute worst. 

You see movies where the servants of a house hold mock their employers for being out of touch with society and whatnot.  Typically these comments follow a scene where the lady of the house puts a maid in her place or the lord of the manor takes his butler for granted.  More than half the folks who enter a restaurant, that doesn't have a drive thru window, temporarily step into the role of arrogant servant abuser.

I saw a news clip years ago that stated that 40% of people in a restaurant believe the waiter cooks the food as well.  That percentage seems highly suspect to me given that it's nearly the same amount as the people who get pissy when they cannot find their waiter who just refilled their drinks and asked if they needed anything 2 minutes prior. 

I'll stop digging up old memories and move on with my point. Yes, of course I have one.  My stoner days were rife with a sense of superiority found in many a teenager/twentysomething.  I believed that everyone should be a waiter, a janitor, and a police officer for at least a year of their life.  My theory was that serving people, cleaning up after people, and corralling people would give everyone a better understanding of the world around them. 

Dan's Cracked piece included: Waiters, Working with Kids, Tech Support, a Position of Power, and a Manual Labor job.  I'd agree with the addition of Teacher/Camp Counselor/Nursery Worker/Parent to the list.  The tech support or any kind of customer service job, especially one over the phone is also respectable addition. My three fit the bill with his remaining ones though. 

Wouldn't the world be a better place?  Literally stepping into someone else's shoes.  Respect yourself and respect others.  I don't think it gets any simpler than that, right?  Oh, and have a laugh or two a day; Cracked is a good place to start!