Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthdays in the Wired World

It's my birthday.  November is a heavy birthday month for my family.  I've got aunts, uncles, cousins, and a sister with birthdays this month.  On top of that, three generations in one week.  My daughter's birthday was the 3rd, mine's the 8th, and my Mother's is the 10th. Kinda cool really. 

You hear people, myself included, gripe about Facebook for various reasons.  Days like today however make it totally awesome.  My phone dings every time some one posts birthday wishes on my wall.  Let's be realistic, I know it announces my birthday at the top of the page, so maybe people didn't just remember it.  But the constant outpouring of love coming my way makes me feel pretty good just the same. 

From Facebook, text messages, emails, and phone calls, I'm diggin this interconnected world we live in.  Hell, my aunt even sent me an Amazon Gift Card via Facebook.  While connecting your "finances" to the social network may be iffy, that was a pretty cool side affect. 

So to all you fellow Scorpios out there, I hope your day will be as enjoyable as mine has been.

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