Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Please Just Stop

Declan now mimics everything Berlin says and tries to copy everything she does too. Granted everything doesn't come out the same.  This competition is awesome.  When they are watching a TV show, he now talks back the same way she does.  She didn't develop this until she was two!

With it comes the downside.  If she's whiny, so is he.  If she throws a golf ball at the window, so does he.  That'd be my fault for bringing them home in the first place, right?

What's funny though is that in her bullying, she instantly wants to do whatever has struck his fancy.  So I guess they just feed off of each other.  Either that or they are actually learning something.

He hit the eating crayons with reckless abandon stage recently.  I can't say he doesn't stick everything in his mouth, but chalk and crayons are being chewed every time I turn around now.  I don't miss this from her.  The difference is with Berlin, I didn't have to worry about another sibling leaving them out and about.  With her it was our fault for leaving them within reach.

We're still a ways away from potty training Delcan, but Berlin has been trained for all but a month of his life.  The past year, she has had fewer accidents than I can count on one hand.  That is until the past few weeks.  She'll get enthralled with the TV and not give herself enough time to run to the bathroom and get her clothes out of the way.  She's peed on the rug/stool at least 10 times in three weeks.  Twice in the hallway right after she says she has to go.  She'll announce she has to potty and we tell her to get in there. Something will preoccupy her, whether it's something we're doing, the TV, a little dance she wants to do prior or just about anything.

I'm tired of cleaning it up.  I realize she just turned 3 and I should expect this.  That said, a full year with out a hiccup and now urine on the floor every day? Tina swears she left a log on the carpet in the living room.  By the time she found it she just cleaned it up and didn't investigate.  Slacker.  The poop in the bathtub was an experiment.  I'm thinking this was too.

What would you do to change the recent messy behavior?

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