Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Typically we try to coordinate Halloween Costumes, when we were a couple and now that we're a family, you know because we're cute and cliche like that.  Last year we didn't quite pull it off, so it was Father-Daughter pair and Mother-Son pair. I was Lex Luther and my daughter was Super Girl.  My wife was the wicked witch of the west and my son was a flying monkey.

This year I'm on the hunt for pieces of our costumes.  My daughter wants to be a princess, cause what nearly 3 year old doesn't? So to fulfil her desires and keep me out of a beast costume and my wife from being shoved into a giant teapot, we're going to let her be Princess Toadstool from Super Mario Brothers!

I'll be Luigi and my wife who'll be giantly pregnant by the end of the month will be Mario.  Ours is entirely contingent on finding a little dinosaur costume so my son can be Yoshi.  Shouldn't be impossible.  Then again, if I find a giant mushroom costume, bam, he's in! 

My daughter gets to just be a pink princess, there's not a whole lot of restrictions as most people won't recall what she looked know the whole point of the game and all.

Gots to get us some overalls and bushy mustaches yo!

Yup, that'd be Mario riding Yoshi.
In the Oedipal reincarnation that's my wife on my son.
Shame on us.

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