Monday, September 5, 2011

Yahoo Hack Attack

I opened up a Yahoo mail account my senior year of high school. That's nearly 13 years ago!  Back then I had a password that had to be reset and I kept the preordained password they assigned to me ever since.  I remember this wasn't the first, but they all had this odd pattern.

For nearly 12 years my yahoo password was flexibleearth12.  I recall another one they gave me (well almost, don't recall the numbers) it was silverbed##.  They just paired two randomish words together and slapped a couple numbers at the end. 

I didn't mind typing out that long of a password and don't know why it never occurred to me to change it and be uniform with my other go to password with the slight variation.  You know you do it too, so don't give me that look.

So Friday I received a couple of spammy emails from myself.  I opened up my Yahoo mail on my iPhone and had dozens of Mailer Demons and various bounce back responses.  Dammit, I was hacked...again!

Earlier that day, I'd logged off my company VPN and then remembered I needed to forward something to myself to work on later.  I just pulled up yahoo...much faster than logging back in, right?  It rejected my password twice and I didn't think it was odd, I just figured I fat fingered it or something innocent.  Nope, I must have mistyped somehow and got to a phishing site.

So this is the second time this year I've been hacked.  For 12 years, I've had flexibleearth12 and a few months ago, Yahoo blocked me out of my phone and sent me a message to log in online and correct my account as they'd detected a hack.  Guess they missed this one!

So now I'm back up and running.  I know I have sent emails from my personal account to all sorts of people.  Professors, employees, employers, friends, family, craigslisters, businesses and everyone in between.  It appears they spammed Canadian pharmacy websites to everyone I've ever emailed.  Including people in all of the aforementioned categories...even those with "former" linked to it.  I wonder what goes through their know especially those I've fired or fucked (both figuratively and physically).  Ah well, such is life in our wired world laden with what I deem as terrorists.

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