Friday, September 16, 2011

When You Don't Have Anything to Say

I'm completely guilty of this, so don't think I'm on a pedestal or soap box.

The store I office out of is in a very large shopping center.  The past month the landlords have had a crew out working on the parking lot on the North side of the complex.  They are doing the best job I've ever seen a parking lot redone.  They are actually breaking the ground and removing the asphalt and the top layer of concrete below it.  Then are relaying new asphalt.  Normally, I've seen patches done and restriping and that's the extent of the improvement.

Well they are ahead of schedule and have begun doing the area behind our building and are about to break ground out front.  As a car rental facility that has 20+ cars regularly, parking is at a premium, let alone the fact that the area where they clean vehicles is not accessible.  Bottom line, it's a pain in the ass.

So every day the store operator has moaned and groaned about the work.  I've listened to him talk to the transfer drivers and customers saying "I can't wait until they are done." "This is such a pain," etc.  Nothing just over the top, but negative all the same.

This summer has been the worst heat conditions on record.  Nearly every day since May (with a small handful of exceptions) it's been over 100 degrees outside.  This is the typical go to gripe/topic of conversation.  Again, just negativity.

It struck me yesterday that small talk has dwindled to nothing but complaining and the weather.  I know the weather is the universal idle chit chat.  So I'm not surprised, nor am I innocent of failing to rising above it.  I just seems that it's the poor approach to life.

While cracking wise about someone or something's stupidity and many times insane audacity is funny and an easy topic, I wonder if it would be worth it to always try to focus on the positive.  Then again, I hear people say, "she's always so bubbly, I just want to smack her."

So what's the happy medium?  If you talk about how great things are going, like the fact that I'm currently showing the best numbers of my career regarding sales and profit in my district, I'd sound like a braggart. 

Does it say something about my mental health and that of others that we prefer to dwell on the negative instead of focusing on the positive?  Or, as I've been known to say like the asshole that I am, "I'm just a realist?"

How do you remain positive, or do you just stick to making jokes about the crap you see everywhere?

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