Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We're having Triplets

No, that title wasn't just to grab your attention.  We really are having triplets. 

Most people I've told, I start with "Tina (wife) is pregnant again."  They do the normal reaction, be it "OMG, you guys are having more? One of each wasn't enough?" or it's "OMG how are you going to afford it?" or the preferred is "Oh wow, congratulations!"  Then I get to come back with "Oh wait, there's more."  Which many say, "TWINS????"  It's when I say the word triplets that every single person has said "you're joking, no way."  Why would I make that up?  It's not really that funny...unless you're on the outside, then everyone gets to laugh cause they're glad it isn't them. 

So because the next question after the shock and condolences are offered is, "well, were you guys doing fertility stuff?"  I've streamlined my responses at this point, "Nope, we did this the old fashioned way."

So then starts the questions about any pregnancy, when is she due, what are you having etc.  Then they start asking about how she's doing, you know cause family and friends care.

I can tell you this, now that she's 15 weeks along, I'm comfortable talking about it here.  It took me a week or so before I was telling people about them.  Tina didn't start sharing until a week or so ago.  Well, family knew, but the rest of the world is just finding out.  She's still scared, which is understandable, so she wasn't in the bragging stage like I was.

We knew she was pregnant at 5 weeks, cause after two kids you just don't do the college panic and call all your friends to ask for moral support before you take your test.  Yes I'm speaking from experience.  My best friend was a girl in high school and college and frankly it seemed every month she'd need a test only to start the next day.  She went to the doctor's at 8 weeks to confirm and do all the normal stuff.  I stayed at home with the kids.  I know it sounds cold, but I don't need to hear the heartbeat for the first time to feel a connection.  Besides chasing a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 year old around a waiting room isn't my idea of wise parenting. 

She'd been gone for a couple hours when she text me the following:

When you go to the doctor about your pregnancy, the last thing you need to text your husband is "We'll talk when I get home!!"   I assumed we'd lost the baby.  Why else would it take so long AND have a text like that?

She calls an hour and a half later and is on her way home.  After worrying the whole time I said "No matter how emotional it is, you just need to spit it out."  She says "It's triplets."  I said "Don't fuck with me, Tina, what's wrong?"  She said "No, there's three."  I couldn't speak.  I said "I'll talk to you when you get home."

Yep, a wife always knows huh?  I'll erase this post and deny all knowledge of that statement if you put me under oath.

Well there you have it.  Sometime between the 3rd week of January and the 2nd week of February we'll go from 2 children to 5.  We just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  You'd think the were a long string of Irish twins at this rate.  Our cat will never know what hit him.

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