Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play. Oh, and Do Housework

I took my family up to visit relatives last weekend.  I came back on Sunday by myself.  I'm going back for them on Saturday and going to spend a couple days there myself reconnecting with friends.  500 miles each way  is so worth the freedom though. 

I'm not saying I don't miss my kiddos and wife, but the reality is I haven't been alone for a week in almost a decade.  Yes I've gone out a couple times with friends but nothing extravagant, just some beers at the bar down the street.  It's been cool.

My original intent was to do a giant chunk of the ubiquitous honey do list.  Really all I've done is picked up the house and done all the laundry.  But still.  The first day that I ran 6 loads of laundry and folded it all I was like, "what the hell does my wife do all day?"  Feeling all proud of myself.  Then it occurred to me that I couldn't have done this much with the rugrats around either.  In fact, the living room that I'd also picked up would have been a disaster within minutes too.  Oh and the next day when I got the kitchen cleaned up? Yeah, then it occurred to me that the living room and kitchen are two areas I clean every day any way.  Hmmm.  Not feeling nearly as productive as I had.  Maybe I'll tackle the rest of the shelves I was supposed to hang in the bedroom a month ago.  Maybe I'll call my buddy for a beer. 

Yep, I'm lazy with or without the stress of children.  Though a queen size bed without four bodies is un-freaking-believably awesome.  Highly recommend it to all parents.  Separate bedroom for each of you to sneak to after the kids have joined you is definitely an investment worth considering!

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