Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hansel & Gretel This Was Not

While out of town a few weeks ago, I received a call from my wife in an utter panicked rage.  She opened a preheated oven to cook dinner and found dozens of DVDs and CDs melted on the racks.  Our little girl was very naughty it seems.

Firstly, my wife doesn't cook often.  She is in charge of weekday breakfast and lunch for her and the kids and that's about the extent of it.  So on a day when she has to come up with dinner (not from a drive thru), hiccups are HIGHLY unwelcome.

Here's a dramatic re-staging of the damage.

She'd pulled them out while on the phone with me and was burning her fingers getting them apart.  She wanted to know what all was officially lost.

When she called me she said it was about 70 DVDs.  I was thinking in their cases and everything.  Nope, just the loose ones and it was closer to 25, 35 max.  That said, it was all of the kid's favorites including Your Baby Can Read.  The latest Harry Potter BluRay, a few of our favorite CDs were all that we lost.  The random Disney movies and all of the "on the road entertainment DVDs" are going to be missed and eventually some will need replacing.  It's the Your Baby Can Read that sucks the most.  Our son is in the middle of his learning experience.  Knowing it works means we'll have to replace it. 

So, how you might ask did this happen?  Well this was a Wednesday evening and I used the oven on Monday, so that leaves all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Anytime while it was off she could have loaded it up, without the anticipation that it would be turned on.  Yes, we have child safety latches on the thing, but our daughter disabled them months ago. 

So, my wife tells me that she should have checked (which I wouldn't have necessarily prior to this incident even though I usually double check the rack placement).  Apparently this isn't the first thing to pretend to be supper.  She's found baby dolls tucked away like the witch in Hansel and Gretel in the past.  Yeah, so pretty much shame on her for not checking, but since the kitchen isn't her domain, I'll give her a pass this time.

Oh, and this of course isn't the first DVD related destruction my daughter has put us through.  Eventually we'll learn. Right?

Take aways? Don't leave your DVDs out of their cases.  Don't leave anything of value within reach of a toddler, or any size child for that matter.  And finally, ALWAYS, ALWAYS open the oven before turning it on!

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  1. Maybe this was just a type or ranking or review... What wasn't burned up?