Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodnight Moon

I forget sometimes my daughter is only 2.  She amazes me daily with how bright she is.  No I'm under no delusion that other parents don't think the same thing about their children.  I sure hope they do and I hope they tell them so daily!

I'd been away from my family for a full week.  They were up visiting in Oklahoma while I went back to work and enjoyed a week of bachelorhood.  When I arrived on Saturday evening both of my kids were very excited to see me.  My son just wanted to be held and my daughter told me "Daddy, you were gone a very long time back at our home in Texas. I'm very happy I found you again."  Just made my world!

So tonight we were doing the nightly routine for bed and she needed her final book which is always Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  Admittedly, this book has become purely bittersweet.  She absolutely will not let me get away with not reading it but when it's time to read it she pitches a fit because she doesn't want it to ever end.  We started it when she was about 16 months old.  She'd always anticipate "The Little Toy House."  I'm not sure when that went away but when she was about two and a half the new obsession became the fact that "The Red Balloon" would disappear from the room on certain pages.  Then it would suddenly reappear.  "I found it!" She'd proclaim.

I remember when she was about two we'd lost the book in the house somewhere and my wife and I recited it in unison as an alternative to the real deal.  She clapped and told us "good job, guys."  That was the only time it was acceptable.  Since then if she suspects I'm just reciting it she says, "No Daddy, you have to read it."  I tell her I am and she grabs my hand and says "no, your fingers have to point to the words." Ain't no foolin' this one!

So tonight as we're wrapping up, I can't find the book but I know her Gigi has an older version on the book shelf.  It's a paper back, not a hardback board book style.  "No, little one Daddy."  I explained I don't know where it is but this one will tell the same story, it's just bigger and paperback.  "No Daddy, we need to go back to our home in Texas and get my little Good Night Moon."

This kid may love her family SOOO much, but she's ready for her own place with all the familiarity of home.  Gotta love it.  I told her we'd go back on Tuesday, only two more days.  She replied "No Daddy, no more days, we need to go back to Texas on Sunday."

Yep, that's all folks this kid has made up her mind, we belong in Texas where her bed has pink pillow cases and Goodnight Moon is small and Daddy doesn't go away forever and ever.

In case you need a reminder of how it goes!

I recorded a ton of her books so my wife could show them to her that way she'd still have some semblance to our routine.  I don't think it ever worked out for her.  Apparently both the kids were fascinated that it was my voice on the computer though.  And after uploading these, I realized I missed an opportunity to practice the readings after recording.  Sometimes you just don't know until you hear yourself though.

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