Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WTF Internet Explorer?

I use Firefox at home because I need constant spell check ability.  Whether at home or work (where I have no choice), if I'm on Blogger using Internet Explorer I continue having the same issue.  It started a couple months ago.  Originally I thought it was linked to my conversion to Windows 7 on the home desktop.  But with my work computer, I didn't think I'd upgraded in over a year. 

I cannot post a comment on a blog as anything but anonymous.  I'll be logged in to blogger to pull up my dashboard like normal.  If I read a blog and type a comment it asks me what account I want to post it from.  Typically on Firefox it's already chosen or at least has my name on the list, but if not, I just select Google Account and log in no problem.  Here lately though it asks me to sign in and still posts me as anonymous.  Then it asks me to log in again as anonymous.  This cycle doesn't end.  I have to actually select anonymous to post any comment. 

Anyone else experiencing this? I assume it's an IE setting I just don't know which one to change.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. No problems with Blogger or my versions of firefox, safari, or chrome.

    Dorn is never anonymous!