Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's 0.04 Seconds?

While waiting for my PC to do a ridiculously long update reboot my mind began to wander into pointless pondering. I'm sure the topic is somehow stemmed from either the fact that I just order a clock and calendar for my new office or that my cat turned 10 years old today.  So I'm wondering why they divided up the year the way they did. I will fully admit, I've never looked at it, studied it or even wiki'd it.  That said, there is just a lack of logic to it and it even drove me to whip out a calculator.

First the fact that we have 12 months with varying amounts of days within each doesn't make sense.  Granted all but a couple of exceptions they teeter back and forth from 30 to 31, so fine, at least there's balance.  But why not just have 6 months with 61 days in them? Hell it' would eliminate that pesky Leap Year (wait, I'll get back to that later). But ok, that would make for some hellaciously long months.  How bout 10 months with 36 days?  It's not like we really need 4 seasons with 3 months apiece.  Realistically there are only a couple months of Spring and Autumn.  Here in Texas they last less than a week.  We go from blazing heat to winter jackets over night and vice versa.  The equator folks never catch a break!

So, lemme get back to my Leap Year comment.  Why do we do this at all? Now, I'm no math or science expert, but if my calculations are correct, every day we are off by 59.11 seconds.  By the end of four years we've accumulated an extra day that we just toss in.  Who decided this was acceptable? Sucks to be born on the 29th of February.  It's almost as bad as a Christmas Birthday.  Instead of your day being YOUR DAY, your day is just an imaginary day three years running! Speaking of fuzzy math...if you take those seconds and break them down amongst the rest of the seconds in a day, it appears to be only 0.04 seconds for every full second we have that's missing.  Did you follow that? if not, don't worry, it's just gone midnight and I probably shouldn't be thinking about any of this anyway, let alone when it's past my bed time.

So back in the day when they were constructing the genius methods of time measurement, why didn't they just factor this crap in? I mean really? just add 0.04 seconds on to every second.  We all would have just counted a hair's width slower from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on.  I'm not joking or over thinking this (I hope). Didn't they do the math before they claimed their math was sound? Or did someone just take the seconds, minutes, days, weeks, hours and years and force the physics in? After they crammed in more holes than any container can withstand, they then had to spread it to the whole world (well, except the Chinese and Jews...still sticking with those ancient How did everyone decide upon how long a second was? Surely some other civilization in the world...say the Mayas, had thought this through right?

Oh well, it's too late to retrain 6.77 Billion people to count a smidgen slower!

And don't get me started on the retardedness that is the Daylight's Savings!

Gute Nacht or probably Guten Morgen by the time you read this.

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