Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Unprovoked Hostility Scares Me

I have a few drivers moving our equipment around my territory.  I am losing many to college next month and wanted some advice on where to recruit.  The last recruiting round was a miserable failure.  People openly admitted they wouldn't pass a drug test and declined the job.  But hey this is Austin, so some things are to be expected, right?

I called our HR director, with whom I've only had email communication prior.  I introduce myself and ask how she's doing and then get to my question about recruiting avenues I have at my avail.  She immediately flipped her wig and demanded the who, what, where, when, why, etc.  I explained that we were still one head short for the territory and I'm also looking to replace a couple who will be leaving and one no call no show.  She begins ripping me a new one about no open requisition requests being in place.  Fine, I get that there's a protocol, but that's really not what I'm asking.  I play along and give her the details she demands. 

She then tells me that we already have filled the req and there is nothing further to discuss until I've had approval for a new hire.  I explained (again) that we are still one short and I'm just looking to back fill a few.  She listed off the names and I said yes, but there is still one short.  This is when she tells me that she doesn't understand the hostility and frustration she's getting from me.  She's here to help and I'm freaking out on her.  I reassure her through my frightened chattering teeth that I have none and apologize if it's coming across that way.

After my new asshole has been installed, I ask her about MY question.  She tells me a few options (one of which I was interested in) and proceeds to tell me why none of them are best and asks why I don't just outsource the help.  I explain why I want to proceed and I asked her if the local posting is something she sends me via email or if it's something she orders or if I just create it.  She says, I told you I would send it to you originally.  OK, I've pissed off the beast.  Finally, she starts talking to me about a posting.  She didn't want to use my cell phone and didn't understand why I didn't have an office line.  I haven't had an office in 8 months because we closed one of my stores that I officed out of and have been "homeless" ever since.  Fine, we move on.

At the end she tells me I need to put a smile on that everything is alright and I shouldn't be so frustrated.  At this point my pulse is throbbing in my neck and I'm freaking out because she doesn't seem to get that I'm not the one with the psychotic tendencies.  I apologize again and thanked her. 

I immediately called my coworker to warn him she was going to contact him about what we'd discussed.  He was apparently already on the phone with her so i called my boss.  In his annoyingly "poke the bee hive" sarcastic way he starts telling me that there is no way and begins slinging questions toward me about what we discussed.  Only til after I'd fully explained did he admit that she's always like this.  He said she's one of those people whom he has no clue how they've survived in a position as long as they have.  She's from Boston but lives in Chicago for twenty years.  She hasn't dimmed that accent at all!

It's terrifying to be yelled at in German, but being accosted by a psychotic Bostonian is flat out horrific!

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