Sunday, July 17, 2011

Suck It!

Our daughter is two years and eight months old. She still uses a pacifier (Binky). We've parred her down to nap time and bed time usage only.  Only of course is a loosely use term. 

For a year she'd been doing phenomenally well with that arrangement up until a couple months ago.  Now she's been begging for it at any boredom moment throughout the day.  She'll ask for it when she watches TV and anytime we're in the car. 

It's time for Binky to retire.  So this week we've been prepping her for it.  We've talked about how she's a super big girl now and only babies have Binkies.  You know, trying to get her psyched.  A few weeks ago we added a book into the night time reading repertoire about not having it any more as well.  Both the conversations and the book were received with the same "this is bullshit and you know it" looks from my little girl.  Didn't realize skepticism began so young.

For the record, our son will not take a pacifier for anything other than an amusing chew toy that lasts for a second or so.  This has made bed time a strictly milk bar visit affair.  Neither option is easy to break, I'm learning.

Several people gave us the idea to cut the pacifier so that it becomes inoperable and have the child throw it away.  We'd been talking about throwing it away for a week now.  Same skeptical look followed by a mad dash out of sight with this concept.

So on Friday night I did just that.  I cut both of the pacifiers we had around.  (There are two back ups MIA, which is why we have back ups you know.)

When she asked for it, I said you know we aren't going to have binkies any more.  I need you to go throw it away.  She refused.  When she popped it in her mouth, she discovered the damage. 

She announced "Binky Broken."

We shrugged our shoulders and said "it's time to throw it away."
She states, "No, we just need sticky tape." (Thank you Dora the Explorer)
I pulled out a Scotch tape dispenser and pulled off a piece and wrapped it around the tip.
She popped it back in her mouth but pulled it back out 30 seconds later and said "Not working."
I again told her it's OK because we have to throw it away anyway.
She declared, "No we need bigger sticky tape."
I grabbed masking tape and had the same result a minute later.
She walks up to me with this very serious look and says, "Daddy, we need the big sticky tape ever."
Packing tape it is kid.  She was so happy when I pulled out this giant roll. I taped the nipple flat to the base.
Still beaming she quickly deflated with "Tape to big, can't put in my mouth.  You take it off."
I shrugged again and told her it needs to go in the trash.
With this she retorts, "Mommy, Daddy, you need to go to the store and buy me a new binky. An Elmo binky."

I couldn't stop laughing.

Our night time routine was rough.  A few extra books and crashing in mom and dad's bed was necessary. She woke up early in the morning and went back to bed with little fuss.  We were astonished by how easy this was seeming to be.

Nap time the next day seemed easy but last night's bed time was a repeat of the previous night.  Nothing to freak out about though.  She asked for her binky on multiple occasions and told us we needed to find the "orange binky" (back up sanity saver) several times. 

Today though, NO NAP.  FU oral fixation! Needless to say, I'm at my wit's end right now.  Bed time has been going on for over an hour and we're still no where near asleep. Right now it's "Daddy, you have to lay down with me." Breaks my heart cause that gets us exactly NO WHERE!

I understand why people dread this part of parenting.  It's also really hard to be mean about it knowing she is so sweet and doesn't get the issue at all.  Alas, every parent with a binky addicted toddler has been through this at some point. Justin hoping I have the strength to not go ape shit on her this week. 

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