Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm A Hermit Crab No More!

I've had a long history with this company of being displaced as far as offices go. 
I started at the begining of 2007.  A few months in, I was brought from a remote office to the distric office originally because my boss needed to keep a closer eye on me.  It had nothing to do with performance other than my boss's job kept her in the same place all day.  Mine on the other hand is primarily out in the field.  Bottom line, if you see me at the area office, I'm not really doing my job.  (Probably still working, just not doing what the central focus of my job is.) 

The end of 2007 we all got a new bigger boss who was going to be in Austin and not San Antonio like his predecessor.  I got kicked out of my office and sent back to the original remote location.  New my place in the world that day.  Let me just tell you, humble pie tastes like shit. 

December of last year we closed that remote office because it was unprofitable.  With it went my office. I've been "homeless" for 7 months now.  A mobile office and occasionally "borrowing" office space from others has been my life.

I wanted to convert a portion of one of my other locations for an office.  It didn't need a ton of work, but the building was so old that the electrical and everything else required to even begin put our tab around ten grand.  Yeah, so that didn't fly.  I had the option to office in a store in the north suburb of Austin, but that is a 45 minute commute without traffic, hour and a half with.

Finally we settled on redoing another location and it came in under budget.  I began moving all of my stuff in a few weeks ago.  It was back breaking and had they not just begrudgingly forked over the money for the office, I would have hired movers.  I hind sight, I should have and said screw em!

Today I am officially done.  Some furniture needed to be replaced (therefore self assembly was a few days of my life).  Today I spent the morning when my phone wasn't blowing up doing what I've been trying to accomplish for weeks...finish purging my files and boxes of crap. 

It's a nice feeling.  The office is organized and how I want it.  Truly a happy feeling. 

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  1. Wow! Kudos on the new sounds like it's long-overdue. My hope is that you'll stay put so you can install that popcorn machine and the basketball hoop.

    Hey. A guy's gotta have some fun, right??