Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Declan!

My little boy is a year old today! My wife and I were discussing our experiences this time last year. Both of our birth stories are all drama and bumbling hilarity. His was particularly complicated because we had another little one running around.  Drama and inside humor aside, this little guy is an ever smiling/flirting/happy dude.  Makes me feel like we've done something right when your kids are just happy. Sure it's a false sense of accomplishment, but with all the antisocial, timid kids we encounter, I'll pat my own back thank you very much. Oh and startling resemblance to should be expected...definitely helps him win favor!

Speaking of resembling dad always used to call me an orangutan because well, I was a giant lanky red head, just like our primate kin.  But posted this link about a wild life photographer whose camera was swipe by one of the Black Macaque monkey he was documenting.

This photo made me smile so much this morning. It was weird looking at those teeth. I don't know why I never noticed it before, but they really do look like human teeth.  Not sure what I thought they'd have, but that looks like Uncle Herb's grill more so than a wild animal no?

Imagine not being there when nature begins to do your job for you! I wonder what this little guy thought when he saw his reflection in that camera. Do you think he's self aware? I couldn't tell when my kids crossed that line from thinking it was the best looking baby they'd ever seen versus playing with them selves in the mirror.

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