Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Wyatt

A friend of mine was induced last week and her baby was still born.  There were complications with the pregnancy, I didn't fully understand the details, but I believe they were the cause.  This is her second child.  We just stopped in to see them on our vacation to New Orleans.  Dropped off baby stuff she'd given us thinking her first son was going to be her only, as well as some other things we thought she'd like. 

Since she moved to Louisiana we've not been as close, but we definitely still kept in contact.  I heard the news from one of our friends whom could easily be described as "the town gossip." When she announced she was pregnant, she called me to let me know. With that she said, "I wanted to tell you before you heard it through the grapevine." Within the hour, the town gossip was calling me to break the news.

I have a feeling she let him know (via text) so she didn't have to tell all of us and deal with the uncomfortableness of it all directly.  I get that and might do the same.  That said, I don't know what to do now.  I at least want to send her a condolences card. But I feel awkward because she hasn't told us about it yet.  I don't think in the grand scheme it matters how I found out.  I just want to let her know we are thinking about her. 

What's the protocol/ettiquite here? I called my mom and she basically reiterated my thought.  It's more important to let her know we care than tiptoe around how we found out.  What are your thoughts? Ever experience it or have ot react to it?

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