Monday, June 27, 2011

When Two-Year-Olds Step Up To The Podium

My daughter's hit that point where she's trying to rationalize back to me when she doesn't like what I tell her.  That's not to say she's successfully communicating the argument, it's just something other than "NO, NO, NO," is coming out of her mouth.

"Daddy, you don't tell me no," and "Daddy, you don't talk to me about it," are her go to phrases right now. 

The tantrums are there, but really just get out her frustration and I think she's figured it out.  If she throws a big tantrum, not only is she not getting what she wants, she's getting a spanking on top of it.  It only took a month of torture to get to this point.  Probably a record somewhere, but it's been hell so speed of her learning curve isn't really something I'm bragging about.

Last week was probably my favorite attempt at rationalizing the situation in her favor.  Keep in mind we'd traveled 1800 miles over the course of a week on vacation so car's aren't the kid's favorite concept right now. I had meetings to attend in Houston a couple days after vacation was over.  The Gold Cup soccer semifinals was held at Reliant Stadium between USA & Panama and Mexico & Honduras and my wife's family had picked us up tickets.  This meant the kids were coming along on my business trip and would get to see my parents (Nana & Papa).  Over dinner on Sunday night she announces that we cannot go see Nana and Papa.  "The car is too small and we are too big. We can't go see Nana and Papa. I sorry, car too small, we're to big."

We were dying. It was the single best argument she's come up with.  Sadly, for her it wasn't good enough to float the boat.  GO USA & MEXICO! But I'll give it to her, I can tell I'm in for a rough 16 years ahead. 

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