Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

Vacations are breaks from life that seem to take two forms.  You come back refreshed and longing to be back on that ski slope on the beach.  Or what seems to be more prevalent, you feel like I did today.  Worn out and grateful for my normal life.

We bought tickets to the Houston Beer Festival through Groupon several months back.  The plan was to go with some friends who told me about it and have my wife and some of her cousins come along.  So when 20,000 Grouponers descend upon Tranquility Park in downtown Houston along with the 5,000 others who paid full price, disaster struck.  The lines to get in were hours long.  It was unbelievably disorganized and damn if it wasn't blisteringly hot.  I saw several people faint and a couple had heat stroke seizures.  (one girl was second in line for her Groupon when she pissed herself, started choking on her tongue and passed out...paramedics eventually showed...she's all good now). 

Once in, we had a blast.  Just a minor blip.  We went to eat afterward which was pushing it with grandparents as babysitters.  My 11-month-old apparently cried the last 15 minutes straight right before we got home.  I came in and my dad was pacing the house.  Should've skipped dinner, but beer saturated people gotta eat son!

The next day we headed to Biloxi, MS.  My brother-in-law ships out to Afghanistan in a couple weeks and had four days of leave.  He could travel within a small radius around Hattiesburg, MS.  He chose the beach.  The family from Tulsa came down as did some from Houston and us.  His 8-month-pregnant wife and 5-year-old daughter got to spend some quality time with him too.  I'll probably have more to post about Biloxi later, but aside from the family stress that is my in-laws, it was fun...hell on Earth sweltering, but fun.  Oh and if you've never been, this is a gambling town in a poor state with white sandy beaches.  So for a redhead who doesn't gamble, it was not exactly my cup of tea...the fresh oysters on the half shell on the other hand....Slap Yo Mamma Good!

We spent the rest of the week in New Orleans, LA.  I've never been to NOLA before.  This was an experience worth a couple of blog posts.  I'd like to note on the topic of vacation hells though, this city tops most of them.  Hot, sticky, stinky, slow as molasses food service, (friendly people though) hell! All the fabulous Cajun food and gallon sized hurricanes in the world weren't enough to keep the heat and humidity at bay. 

Needless to say, 1,800 miles later, I'm dog tired and happy to be back home and working.  Granted, we're heading back to Houston tomorrow so I can attend some trainings and we're fitting in a couple of international soccer games at Reliant Stadium in the middle!

Here's to being home and vacations that make us truly appreciate it!

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