Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Temper Trap

I have a temper. It's fairly short with my family but patient with most of my employees and coworkers.  Distant family or folks I only see once in a blue moon get the softer side too.  The closer you are though, the rougher I become. 

I'm not the physically abusive type or anything, I yell and slam stuff.  My wife puts up with a lot of this crap from me. I'm quickly realizing that it's extremely unhealthy around my children.  My daughter is in the middle of the most difficult time for children. She's two and a half and is truly testing her boundaries and walking that fine line between being a toddler and little girl who comprehends and can communicate thoroughly.  The tantrums she throws though are like a slightly more psychotic version of mine.  This scares me more than anything. 

I'm already in trouble as a parent for her recent fill in the blank moment involving me saying "Mother," and cutting myself off.  Yep, like she was just helping me out for the missing word, she enunciated it to perfection.  Not my finest hour.

The gym has been helpful in loosening up some work anxiety and frustration. So I'm thinking I need to come up with some new ideas for managing the anger and the cursing.  The cussing is a problem that I need to just tap that subconscious level of my brain that keeps those words at bay when in the presence of strangers, customers and the elderly.  I know it's there. As for the temper, what do you do for on the spot rage suppression?

I'd love to hear your advice on either topic. 

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