Thursday, June 2, 2011

Air Was Escaping From His Body In The Way Air Usually Does

Jim Carrey might be the closest thing to a live action cartoon I've ever seen.  But a news story from last week just might top him now. Here's the BBC link.  A New Zealand truck driver fell of his rig and impaled his butt cheek on a pipe fitting.  This fitting was to an air compressor.  The man began filling up with air like a balloon, or as he put it, a football (soccer ball for us Yanks!).

He was pinned and said he just had to lie there and take it. If he wasn't alright, I'd feel bad about the bouts of laughter I had from that comment. He said he felt like his foot was going to explode! Doctors said they were amazed his skin didn't burst. I'm picturing something straight out of Looney Tunes!

 To the Juicer!

So a BBC Radio 1 DJ I listen to on satellite radio had this little bit to go along with the story.  A couple of radio folks from a town called Kent couldn't keep it together reading this story...which serendipitously was followed by the weather on a particularly windy day!

I couldn't stop laughing in the car.  Yes, I'm a bad, bad person.  Like I said though, because he's recovering, I think it's fair game for a chuckle!

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  1. Ah blast it. I can't get this audio clip to work. What are my options here? I recorded it on my iPhone as a memo. I emailed it to myself and it came in as a .m4a file. All seems to go well until the last second Blogger says Oops an error occurred.