Friday, May 27, 2011

Goodbye Abby's Daddy

My wife has some new friends she's made over the past few months taking our daughter to dance class.  One of these friends has a husband who's gone to the class occasionally.  My wife described him as 32, fit and healthy.  He had a heart attack yesterday.  On the way to the hospital his heart stopped twice.  He was in a coma and they did a test to see if oxygen was getting to his brain. Apparently it wasn't.  They were collecting funds for his funeral was the last message she received while we were eating dinner.

This man is only a year older than me.  (and I'd hardly describe myself as fit and healthy!) He has a 5 year old son and a two year old daughter.  His son may have a vague memory of him later in life, but his daughter will have no recollection of him. 

I can't fathom this.  I know death is the only for sure thing in life.  It doesn't mean I dwell on it, cause I can't negotiate the terms.  Well, I guess I can to a degree.  That's like saying a 400 pound man can't help his weight because it's genetic.  But ultimately, it'll happen eventually.  But eventually shouldn't be next year!

You know, guys start thinking about these things when they are 50 or so because friends and acquaintances begin hitting the hospital with frequency and it spooks them.  People at my age die in car accidents or something external, not heart attack or stroke!

My biological grandfather died of heart failure when he was 30. His kids, my father age 4 and aunt age 2 at the time suddenly didn't have a father.  My father had 3 heart attacks around his 41st birthday.  I don't know this side of the family well, but I know my genes are theirs.  Sometimes negative motivation like what I'm doing here is the best thing for me.  I've been hitting the gym with more frequency than usual, but not what I need to do to give my kids their fair shot at knowing their dad. 

I guess we all have to look over that cliff at some point.  It's now for me.  I don't just want to see my kids graduate or anything like that, I want to be a grandfather.  I want to see and do a whole lot more than I have so far. 

As for my wife's friend.  My heart aches for her and her kids.  This will be the roughest time of their lives.  Make sure your family knows you love them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Video Killed The Radio Star

Well former wannabe radio star.  I need some advice, purdy please!  I have a bunch of digital videos we've filmed over the past few years of the kids and whatnot.  I'd like to edit some of them together.  Maybe put some music behind them, you know simple Youtube crap. 

I don't have any software for it.  I don't know where to begin looking either.  I don't want to over purchase. But I also don't want to buy the cheapest thing and be disappointed and have to find another solution later on.  I'll be honest, I couldn't even begin to figure out the criteria to judge existing software. 

I want something simple and user friendly but will create videos that aren't crap an iPad would reject.  Or was that an iPad could create?  Either way, you folks on the other side of the Internet surely have more experience than I do.  So, I'd greatly appreciate your guidance. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad and his twin sister are 50 years old today! My parents are very young but still, they've always seemed so much older because, well, they're my parents.  That said, 50 isn't ridiculously far away nor is it old anymore.

For a point of reference, I'm 31, my wife is 33.  I remember thinking 16 was an eternity away.  Then 18 would never come.  It was about that time that everyone said after 18 time just flies by.  I didn't understand what they were talking about until recently.  21 was the next big date that ultimately came and went. 

By 25 I'd begun to notice that time truly is relative and if you're working a boring shift, time crawled.  But slam me and be surrounded by pure chaos and time is gone in the blink of an eye.  Introduce alcohol and a good time and snap, the next day is there with a quickness. 

It was about then that I left the restaurant industry and resigned myself to being a corporate pawn.  I doubt many people will feel this way, but since 25 the weekends sneak up on me with ninja stealth.  Then they are gone before I even realized they were here!

A wedding and two kids since and I'm still amazed how fast it's all flown by.  My dad is 50!  Albeit 40 is still a ways a way, but I'm closer to it than my kids are to my age. 

They say stop and smell the flowers.  I don't know how to ensure I don't let time just pass by.  I want to make certain my children don't hit a time warp, let alone I miss them in a time warp.  So when someone out there comes up with Hiro Nakamura's ability to freeze and move through time and space, please let me know.  I'll take that red pill.