Monday, April 11, 2011

Throw Your Boss Over The Edge

One of my store's does a decent amount of business with the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The rep was in a few weeks ago while I was paying them a visit.  We were chatting about his company and he was sharing some stories of wishes and how they choose or what stars let kids down etc. 

You know how the foundation will have people do a walk, run or march and gain sponsors to raise money for the charity?  Well this year they are doing something a little different.  They are contracting with one of the skyscrapers downtown.  The contest will be called "Over The Edge."  People will literally be repelling down a 30 story building for charity!  (Link)

The deal is you have to get $1500 in sponsors.  One of the ideas they have is "Throw Your Boss Over The Edge."  So all your employees round up the cash and toss you off the roof.  Sounds Awesome. 

My guys are considering it.  I'm game.  While I'm not afraid of heights, I'm sure I'll have a moment of panic if it comes to fruition.  Cleared it by the wife, while it's dangerous, they'll have us harnessed in and being a non-profit, they surely will have unimaginable safety measures in place.  Not really worried about corporate nixing it, though they might put up a struggle at first. 

I really need to get in shape though.  It's in June.  I can't be the weak one who can't even make it down. 

I'll keep you posted if this is a reality.  Would you do it?  30 Stories or over 300 feet.  Should be a rush!


  1. I'd do it. And I AM afraid of heights.

  2. Surely they'll have a puke bucket...I know I'll need it!