Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stalker Alert or Fun Feature?

Facebook is far worse than Google with information gathering/sharing/selling/stealing.  I'm not saying that you can't buy more useful information from Google in terms of a person's likes and pattern of behavior.  An advertiser might be better off paying for a Google list than ever posting an ad on Facebook. 

A stalker on the other hand...Facebook all the way.  I'll come back to this in a second.

Last night was 31 cent night at Baskin Robbins. (still can't believe a cent sign is that pointless that my Blackberry, iPhone and Keyboard don't even bother to include it.  $0.31 just doesn't have the same effect.  Maybe I'm just getting old and curmudgeonly.) Some of you might remember the company being called 31 flavors, hence the $0.31 scoop deal. 

We bought the kiddo's and ourselves some sweet creamy goodness.  It was my 9 month old's first go round with happiness in a cup.  The cold surprised him at first but then he wasn't taking no for an answer.  My two and a half year old was a chocolate covered fool by the end of it.  A local fire department had a truck out front and let the kids climb all over it and try on the uniforms.  Good times.

Now I've seen many a friend scoff at the check in feature on Facebook.  "Why would anyone care where I am as my FB status?" and other such logic seems to be applied.  Screw off is what I say, you post that you're having your morning coffee.  What's the difference in the scheme of mundane unimportance?

So I checked us in.

Here Now? I don't know these people!
So let me get this straight.  Facebook is obviously looking to expand our sad little Social world into a truly interactive Real Life experience.  You meet someone at the local ice cream shop and hit it off.  Now you can immediately become Facebook friends?  Or is this more for Baskin Robbins?  I just see a slew of real life stalkers being able to cyber stalk as tool to more efficiently real life stalk. 

And on a related note, you know how Apple maintains that they don't store your location on your iPhone? (Link)  I call BS!  Ever look at the places tab on your photos?  That's not even zoomed all the way in.  I can see hundreds of pin points around our house and neighborhood when I pull it. 

Sadly, while it might seem like all of this really bothers me, I'm actually quite careless when it comes to privacy.  Then again being a blogger implies you don't want to hide nearly as much as everyone.


  1. Welcome to the modern world. Unfortunately, this trend of over-sharing and "let's connect everyone" isn't going away soon. I had just read an article dealing with this and new products coming out... scary stuff for someone who hates the thought of Big Brother watching every move.

    I can't remember why I would have needed it, but I first noticed that there isn't a "cents sign" on the keyboard just recently. Definitely a shame because adding "my $.02" isn't quite the same. (Actually, I'll bet good money -- read as "$6.09" -- that phrase is exactly why I was looking for it.)

  2. Is $6.09 what the Tunisian guy died for? Moonshine will get you every time.

  3. [option] $ = ¢
    on my Mac, anyway.

    Gotta run.