Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I know I just said I wanted to read the counter novel to Jane Eyre but like usual, something else has caught my eye.  Not only is it shinier, it has semi relevance to me and well, one must feed his ego to survive right? 

I'm a Junior.  My biological father was (supposedly*, not confirmed by anyone but a semi-reliable aunt) named after the poet Edward Dorn.  I've run across his poems before and wasn't very impressed.  I think I figured out why.  I originally though it was because he wrote about cowboys and the west in general.  Later in life he wrote about UFOs and random things like broccoli and spoons (totally making up the last two but not really if you get my drift).  So lets just say this acclaimed writer/poet might have lost his marbles later in life.  As only a good college professor should though really.

Well it turns out his style of writing had limited punctuation and persistent use of junkie jargon mixed with sci-fi set in the wild west.  The lack of punctuation and random stream of thoughts scooped together as a semblance of coherency reminds me of modern blogs, tweets and the communication style of the youth of the nation.  Maybe I should revisit it. 

His epic work was called Gunslinger or sometimes just Slinger, I'm not sure which is real.  It was three to five books (depending on the source) that were published during the middle of his career.  I read some excerpts on Amazon and kinda liked what I read. 

The random page finder "Surprise me" option on Amazon brought me to page 201.  The only thing on page 201 is this image.

So my guess is it's a bullet.  But it kinda looks like a dried up umbilical cord, or worse a sphincter.  Won't let that deter me yet. 

Have you read any of his work?  What are your thoughts?  People claim he redefined what American Poetry was and the underlying meaning behind this work was a critique on 20th century capitalism.  Probably still relevant. Let's go.

*supposedly because the dates don't match up for me.  He began publishing his work a couple years after Dorn Sr. was born.  I don't think they would have known him prior, but can't be sure.  I understood they were carrying on the tradition of Edwards (I think I'm the 7th) but where would Dorn have come from other wise is kind of a mystery.


  1. Ha! I'm still laughing at the "broccoli and spoons" reference. You slay me.

    And you know what that endless non-punctuation jargon means, don't-cha?

    He's cray-zee (she sing-songed)...
    Probably multiple personality...not that I would know...

  2. Don't discount your intimate knowledge of MPD. It seems to lead to healthy writing careers and respect from your genre of choice's community!