Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Saved the Company $80

I needed a small table for a waiting area to go between a couple chairs at one of my stores.  We have an account through OfficeMax so I was shopping.  Small and compact for the specific area is exactly what I need, more function than form.  I found this item that looked perfect.  24"X24"
The description is probably too small to read unless you're 12.  It describes a Lightweight Table with a Hollow Honeycomb Laminate Top.  For only $88.88!

That sounds strangely familiar.  I bought a couple tables for the kid's room from Ikea that were Lightweight with a Hollow Honeycomb Laminate Top.  For only $7.99!

Size does matter.  Ikea's Lack table is only 21"X21"

I think I'll lose 3" here and there to save the $80.


  1. Can you just use paper towel spools and a pizza box and get a free lunch of this, too?

    Please don't forget the mental stress of IKEA assembly. This looks simple enough, but their products have brought me to the brink of insanity in the past.

  2. Ikea can absolutely be frustrating. I've seen the ones that are thousands of pieces that are entirely un-intuitive but I try to avoid the hassle if possible. This was very simple. Like you said, pizza box and four paper towel spools with self screwing double, just wend down a very dark road there, gonna shift gears.

    I purchased some shelves for our closets and they were essentially planks of wood that I had do drill my own holes, supply my own screws to attach to the brackets and then come up with my own measurements for those and the wall rack system. I could have had the same effect with raw materials from Home Depot. Lesson learned.