Friday, March 18, 2011

Glutton for Punishment

South By South West Music Festival started this week.  Our grand city of Austin, Texas  is a mad house covered with thousands of famous people and tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.  I did not fork over the mega bucks for wristbands and badges like my buddy did.  I'm missing out on the cool stuff yes, but I've also got a family to watch out for.  Maybe someday though!  Life BK (before kids) we'd at least go downtown to check out some of the no-badge-necessary free shows.  The energy is amazing this time of year.

Every night during the festival the outdoor stage we call Auditorium Shores is home to the only official SXSW free shows.  All the other bars and venues hosting South By events are exclusive.  These at the amphitheater are open to the public.  I've always avoided them because free means ungodly amounts of people will rain down on the river.  That said, my wife really wants to go (I do too for the bands, just not for the crowd toting my two little ones along).

We missed the Strokes last night.  Tonight though, Bowling for Soup and Blue October are at bat. Admittedly, I'm excited.  I'm also nervous about how we're gonna pull this off.  Parking when there isn't an event is soul crushing.  We're doomed tonight.  BUT, once the show gets under way, we will be golden!

Wish the video wasn't one of those creepy Youtube concoctions,
but this is my favorite song of theirs.
Blue October - X Amount of Words

At least these guys got a bit more creative (guess that's purely subjective)
Still, what's with these bands and not having real videos?
Maybe I hear all these guys more because they're from here.
Ah well...enjoy!
Bowling for Soup - Ohio (Come Back to Texas)


  1. Go for it. Leash them up and dive in to the mosh area.

    I suffer from a slight case of Demophobia, so I'd be no good. Need my space and I hate the feeling of getting swept along. I was once on the fringe of an actual riot (non-Bieber-related, this was the late 80s, in Boston, of course) and you can feel the panic and rage in the air.

    Still, I would love to see SXSW sometime before I'm a fogey. Preferably with a VIP pass.

  2. Loading them up now. Should be a blast. A friend with twins my daughter's age are joining us so the kids can entertain each other!

    Fogey keeps getting older and older, so you've got many decades.