Thursday, March 3, 2011

Garage Sale Tips

We are having a garage sale this Saturday.  I've never organized one.  I'm fairly confident I know what needs to be done.  I just don't know if we gave ourselves enough time.  I certainly haven't been dedicated to the task the way my wife has.  Then again, I work work. 

Have you ever had one?  Was it successful?  What would you have done differently if you had the chance to click the redo button?

My boss told me to price to sell and remove emotions from the objects.  I think the emotional side is in check.  I survived losing everything in a house fire when I was a teenager.  Price to move and short change yourself is the fine line I'm worried about.  Guess it doesn't matter though.  If I'm not using it, doesn't that mean it's worth $0 now?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Help me get a new LCD TV!  Yes, we are one of those families who still have a giant tube TV.  It's time to step into the modern era!  The left overs will go toward a new mattress.  Yep, priorities.  Sleep and health came behind entertainment AGAIN!

Editor's Note (Fine. It's just me): Just past midnight the day before this thing.  Allow me to preface this with: My wife has worked her ass off for this so the following statement shouldn't detract from her efforts in any way!  I asked her to do something for me to prepare for tomorrow.  I asked her to withdraw $200 and have the bank break it down into small bills so we'd have change.  I hand wrote my request.  She didn't return with it so I cannot submit any evidence in my favor or against. 

I asked for:
  • $10 - Quarters
  • $130 - $1's
  • $60 - $5's
She came back with
  • $110 - $10's
  • $60 - $5's
  • $30 - $1's

I might have exploded a little.  I wanted to know how we got $110 in tens!  And where the hell are the quarters?  That was the light bulb for her.  Her reply: "Quarters! I couldn't read that at all.  I thought it said Quantities. I didn't understand what you meant. And why the hell would you need $130 ones?" This "conversation" most definitely ended in my showing my ass (figuratively...She's actually bit my ass before when I used what was once my go to comeback.).

Wish us luck!

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