Friday, March 11, 2011

Ego Boost

My wife told me three times this week that I "look really good in that."  Referring to what ever I was wearing for work that day.  Albeit, she's in the zone physiologically for mating...gawd, I sound like an ass and a nerd there don't I?  It's not that compliments from the wife never occur, it's just the power of perception that I was amused by. 

I had a few different meetings out of town with employees and coworkers over the past couple weeks.  I've been lavished with compliments regarding my weight with them.  "Oh, you've lost weight haven't you?"  "Your face looks thinner" or "Lookin' good slim." from multiple people. 

I gotta admit, I'm loving the attention.  In reality, I've actually lost about 15 pounds over the past three months.  People I don't see regularly noticing makes me feel fantastic.  My wife's comments are what struck the cord.

She's around me all the time so she doesn't mark the weight loss the same way folks who see me quarterly do.  She just thinks I look good and that's a fantastic thing!  I'll take the true compliment over the back handed "Wow, you're not as fat as you were" comment any day.

Hope your Friday started off as good as mine did.  (with that compliment of course) I was in the 70's and gorgeous today which made working mighty difficult.  A really good friend and his buddy came into town  to stay for a couple weeks while they attend Austin's South by Southwest Film, Interactive & Music festivals. 

Dudes, they ran into Jake Gyllenhaal while he was promoting his new film, Source Code.  He's apparently short.  My buddy is about 6' like me.  So if his judgement is anything like mine at 6', that puts Jake 5' 8" or less. 

Here's to a great weekend!  Cheers!

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