Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Fail Me Now Mr. Gates

I have decided to update our desktop PC with Window's 7 and Office 2010.  I'm more than a little nervous that I'm about to jack up my system beyond repair.  But in theory, people do this all the time and since the vast knowledge and misdirection of the internet is at my avail, I shall trudge onward.

I've backed up all of our documents onto my old laptop hard drive I converted to an external drive.  That in it's own right was a leap of faith this weekend that proved itself to be a success.  [Pats self on back]

Wish me luck.

The hard drive format was simple thankfully...probably the part that made me the most nervous.  So Windows installed itself while I was at work.  

Initial experiences with Windows 7 haven't been very good.  

First, it froze when I tried to click the start menu...for 35 minutes.  The clock sat at 5:07pm until a quarter til 6 when I finally decided to do a hard shut down by holding the power button...something I've always been told NEVER to do.

Things work normally when it reboots.  

So I try to get my wireless internet to work.  Nothing happens when I plug in the USB Wireless Adapter.  Admittedly, I caused part of this problem by not being able to find the software disc from my Netgear Wireless USB Adapter.  Netgear allows you to download the drivers...but not burn them to a disc sooooo, damn.  I plugged my Sprint Broadband USB into the slot just to double check it.  She fired up but that's not a solution as I don't have that software at's my work connection. 

I can't hardwire it in because the internet connection is across the house. 

I'm not sure what direction to go now.  I considered buying a new adapter, but damnit, I just don't want to spend the money on something that worked 12 hours ago!

Any advice?

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