Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destructo Dogs

We have new neighbors.  They have dogs.  Dogs aren't necessarily an issue.  The neighborhood is full of them.  My wife doesn't like them, they wake my daughter up in the middle of the night barking, I don't' really care either way.

So the house the new people moved into is catty-corner to our back yard.  The previous owners left their trampoline behind.  The new people didn't take that trampoline down even though they have no children.

Guess what.  Dogs aren't afraid to use a trampoline to launch themselves into our back yard.  A few weeks ago their owner came over to ask if she could get them out of our back yard.  We hadn't even noticed the intruders.  The next day though, they were back.  They had a little fun this time.

 My Chair didn't stand a chance.

 How does a dog bite through hard plastic?

 This used to be the head rest.

 Looks worse than Scarecrow's last stand in the land of Oz.

Dogs do love a good shoe right?

 Guess my mowing shoes didn't need to stay an identical pair.

 Oh hey, a gift!  This ear doesn't belong to anyone I know. 

To date, there hasn't been another incident in my back yard.  I saw them later that same week running down the street. but even since then, ti's been uneventful.  I really do wish I'd caught the flying/bouncing dog routine on camera though!

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