Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blogger is Taunting Me & Self Promoting...A Two in One Sucker Punch!

Logged in last night while the kids were getting their baths to see what's new.  And this is what I see!

F^@% you very much Blogger!
I've already stated I missed SXSW.
I don't need it rubbed in!

The video link is for this.
Admittedly, this shameless self promotion
was probably part of South By's Interactive Festival
and not Blogger actually reading my last post
then taunting me about the very nature of it.

We went to a free outdoor concert South By Southwest produced and had an absolute blast.  I got to hear my favorite songs by bands I'd loved but hadn't ever seen live.  Good times!
 Fireworks after the Blue October Show

I love this City

 Back to the video though, they look like they are adding some really cool new features.  Wonder how many novels I've written by their standards.

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