Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Slight case of the nerves.  I'm heading to Houston tonight because I've got meetings booked all day tomorrow down there.  A spontaneous Facebook post is now thrusting me into a situation I may have subconsciously been hoping wouldn't pan out. 

I've never met my biological father.  I've known his aunt and uncle (who were a big part of his life) since I was a child.  My mother maintained correspondence with them and I spent a month with them one summer when I was younger. There's only been one attempt at meeting this man and it didn't go well, nor did it result in any face to face interaction.

His estranged sister and her daughter live in Houston.  His sister found me on AOL back 15 years ago and that's how the first attempt at a reunion occurred.  We've since found each other on Myspace and later, Facebook.  That electronic barrier has allowed us to get to know one another without the awkward "it's been 30+ years" interaction.

Well her daughter is a bartender at a bar near my buddy's house.  I decided to ping her and see if she was working.  I have an easy out.  We are going to his show from 10 to 12 and I won't be there until 8 or 9.  Basically I only have to survive an hour or so.  AND alcohol will be present.  Everything should be fine right? 

We've "known" each other virtually for a few years.  She's blood, so there shouldn't be this jittery feeling.  Maybe I'm making a bigger deal out of it.  Though just putting it down in words seems to be helping.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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