Friday, February 4, 2011

What's Wrong With Blogger?

I just hopped on her to write today and noticed my Groundhog's day post didn't ever post.  Last week I had a scheduled post that didn't hit either.  I had to post it live too.  I am not blog savvy enough to be jacked with Blogspot!  Play nice. 


  1. DUDE! I lost an entire page the other day that I hadn't backed up (my updates page) that I had to try and re-write from memory.

    It SUCKED.

  2. I've had a slip of the mouse delete a page and then Blogger immediately saves changes. Single most infuriating act of self-sabotage ever! They say when you know the material (particularly after an incident like that) you write it better the second go. Nah, sometimes the initial gut reaction is better/funnier than your memory of it.