Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trying To Be Catchy Blog Title

Why do people like a parody? Humorous looks at something we already know are safe zones for us.  Movies like Naked Gun, Scary Movie and Not Another Teen Movie are literally telling a mashed up version of the same movies we all dished out cash for one year prior.  And we dish it out too, then and now. 

Meta humor works because our reaction of "I knew that was coming and it only made me laugh more" is our reality.  I see this in both my children (a 2 year old and an 8 month old) when I'm repeating something silly to get a laugh.  They anticipate a reaction/laugh to the point they begin laughing before I've done "The (fill in the blank)" again.

I enjoy this brand of comedy.  Maybe that makes me a little dull.  Personally I can't stand most modern comedies.  They always explain the punchline as soon as it's delivered.  You don't have to tell someone it's funny to make it funny.  This might be another reason they are so easily parodied. 

These two clips are awesome examples of meta parody. 

The first is a video I grabbed from  It's "A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever."

This is the same concept but for the lyrics and music of a love song. I love Axis of Awesome.  "How to Write a Love Song."

The end of the song where they talk about how this is a totally generic love song that could really be about anyone is all I can think of every time I hear a Melissa Ethridge or George Michael song.  Stay away from those pronouns if you want to keep it mass marketable!


  1. Comment expressing appreciation of your insights. Self deprecating remark about my own sense of humor.

  2. Genuine gratitude expressed for time and attention to subject matter. Reassurance that sense of humor is admired and appreciated by a far greater audience than may be initially realized.