Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Piecemeal Post

Time to piecemeal a blog post together.  I don't want to dwell on any of these topics long enough to really have a post but I'd like to get the thoughts out there none the less.

Hitting Close to Home:
Found out my Brother-In-Law is being deployed to Afghanistan next month for a year.  He joined the National Guard last year and we all knew it was a high probability.  My Cousins and Aunt have been over their multiple times.  This one just seems rough because his wife is due in July with their second baby and he won't get to meet he/she until they are seven or eight months old.  His wife and four year old daughter will be miserable without him.  That said, this was his decision.  I don't know.  I'm just not diggin' it.

Here I Whine About the Weather:
This weekend was beautiful 70* weather and gorgeous.  Made me ever so grateful to live in Texas. Apparently the weather gods caught wind of my happiness and decided to knock me down a peg or two.  It's 34* currently with a 17* windchill.  I know that's nothing compared to my family in Oklahoma with a foot on the ground and a blizzard hitting at noon.  And you guys on the East Coast have me beat hands down...I'm not cut out for true winter weather!  Honestly, I'd rather have a foot of snow to account for this crippling north wind that keeps slicing me like a knife.

Here I Bitch About Losers:
I was at the store the other day when a girl buying diapers was in front of me and her mother was in the lane to my right.  (I know this because daughter called out for her mid transaction).  She couldn't get her welfare card to work.  The guy behind the cash register was Indian and spoke crappy English trying to explain that the machine wouldn't read the card.  She and her mother were Mexican and spoke no English.  We weren't making progress.  She had the card upside down.  Mother had used WIC for all the food she had in her cart and daughter used what I assume are food stamps for the diapers.  WTF? I am going broke paying for my brood.  I pay taxes every year.  I hear on commercials for law offices offering to fight the IRS for you to get your tax settlement slashed to 10% of what you owe.  If you're being foreclosed they'll work with you so you don't loose your home.  If you have credit card debt, they'll help you get everything reduced.  What about people like me?  I haven't fucked the world over.  I don't owe a half a million to random people.  I'm paying my bills.  Who is out there to help me?  Why do the screw ups get assistance and not normal, hard working, law abiding citizens?

Lay it on me folks.  Tell me what I need to know.

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