Friday, February 11, 2011

Over Promise and Under Deliver

I do not have the greatest follow through when it comes down to it.  So I probably shouldn't be so hard on people when they fail to deliver on there promises. Making me look even worse, I'm talking about Twitter here.  My life on Twitter is fairly blah.  For me it's something that I started to just check it out and now I'm like a toddler who refuses to go to bed for fear of missing out on something, I can't quit.

So P. Diddy tweeted that from the Black Eyed Peas was going to live tweet the half time performance I was like, sure.  I didn't expect much, but thought we'd at least get some craziness if he tried to pause his performance to play with his phone.

Prior to the performance, mid game, here are a couple tweets.

  • We are about to get dressed now for the show. "Uh oh" here comes the nervousness I never get nervous...what are these butterflys doing here?
  •  I played 1mil people in brazil, the world cup for 1bil. And I'm so nervous for the superbowl. "I feel like crying" this is so special for us 

  • I'm in the back getting ready and I can't see the game :(
  • Here we go...a few more minutes and we go live
In case you flipped it to the Puppy Bowl or had to make a beer run, here is the Halftime Show.

So did you see him reach for his phone at all during the performance?  No. You know why?  Because that's just insane.  You cannot perform AND tweet!  People die while texting a driving.  Did you see all that neon and shrapnel dancing around that stage.  Tweet once and that's the end of the Peas.
So, what happened?  Why no Tweets?  He could have said, "sorry guys, to excited and performance focused.  How was it?"  Way to classy.  Here is what we got.

  • Att crashed...ahhhh!!!! The worse
  • At&t??? service during halftime...unbelievable
He continued on about how great that felt and thanked people for liking it and bragged about MC Hammer diggin' the show and whatnot.  Why make up BS?  AT&T didn't crash.  Hell, they've probably got 40 towers surrounding Jerryworld!  Just sad and pathetic.  
But like I said earlier, this is Twitter, so why am I really taking it so seriously?  Then yesterday a local radio DJ that I listen to daily tweeted this.

  • T-minus 45 minutes till blind date. Preparing to live tweet.
 OK, this is going to be great!  Dude is a narcissistic jack ass.  Tweeting a Blind Date was genius.  So here's what we got.

No, you're not missing something.  We got bupkis.   

Fine, it's Twitter.  I shouldn't give a crap.  It's still a bummer.  Kinda like Mubarak claiming he'll step down.  Claiming he'll not run.  Hold a press conference then make the people wait.  Then say maybe I'll think about the possibility of someday stepping down.  OK not really delusional enough to believe these two jack asses Twitter premature ejaculations equate in any way shape or form to a Tyrant in Egypt lording his power over his people.  Still, Social Media let downs are this decade's lip syncing on TV.  Maybe not, but that's how I feel! 


  1. I get it. No one promised intimacy, but they did commit to the connection. Even if AT&T failed, there's nothing stopping someone from typing the notes real time and sending an hour later. How hard is that?

    I've had my best intentions subverted by reality a few times, too, though.

  2. Life interrupts often. Kinda like now, I haven't posted in a week!