Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Sunday

I kinda feel sorry for Christina Aguilera.  Only a little though.  The pressure has got to be massive.  Your voice singing the one song you CANNOT mess up.  I mean within reason.  Every woman who sings the National Anthem jacks it to hell in an effort prove she's got the pipes to back up her Divadom.  That said, the words are off limits regarding artistic license.
 Though this look she's rockin' inspires such funeral outbursts as
"That whore ain't gettin' none of Daddy's money!"

How was your Super Bowl experience?  Mine was low key.  At home with the wife and kids.  Burgers on the grill.  Beer from the fridge.

The game was great.  Without a true dog in the fight, I wasn't whole heartedly cheering for either side.  I picked the Steelers because tons of my family are from PA but even still there were a few times that Green Bay got a cheer out of me.  Yep, that means the loss didn't hurt very much.  Way to go Packers. 

Everyone's talking about Super Bowl Ads.  A couple made me laugh.  The Doritos raising the fish, the plant and Grandpa from the dead got the best response.  Budweiser's "Tiny Dancer" had me glued to the screen and it ultimately made me smile.  My wife loved the Gilded Cage Audi commercial.  How bout you?  Here's a link in case you want to relive any of them.


  1. She looks like a clown. At a funeral.

  2. You're being generous. Thanks for stopping by Kev.