Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life Flanked by Tragedy

Read this Washington Post article about a 9 year old killed in Tuscon this weekend.  I'm not saying the tragedy didn't catch my full attention when so many were shot.  Or that a Federal Judge was killed.  Or that those who died or were injured were victims of a madman's plot to kill his State Representative. 
Christina-Taylor Green

Knowing this little girl's life will forever be associated with tragic events is heartbreaking.  Who knows what she could have done in life.  Being born on September 11th, 2001 alone could have been inspirational enough for her to become a motivational speaker.  But then to be murdered as a child in another politically motivated act of evil deeply saddened me.

Here's the official victim's list from

18 people were injured when a 22-year-old man opened fire at a town hall meeting led by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Saturday morning in Tucson.
According to Pima County Sheriff's Office, the following victims were killed in Saturday shooting spree in Tucson:
• 30-year-old Gabriel Zimmerman, Gabrielle Gifford's staffer
• 9-year-old Christina Greene, student at Mesa Verde Elementary School
• 63-year-old John Roll, Chief Federal District Court Judge
• 76-year-old Dorthy Morris
• 79-year-old Phylis Scheck
• 76-year-old Dorwin Stoddard, pastor of Mountain Avenue Church of Christ

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