Saturday, January 8, 2011

Judgment Day

End of days huh?  I'm not a believer but I'll totally give my friend (and every other religious nut) credit for making the connection.  Then again, has a few good points with movie references. 

I'll admit the thousands of birds that died in Arkansas the other day, the thousands of dead fish in Maryland and now the Italian turtle doves...I'm getting a little worried. 

Snow in places it shouldn't, earthquakes in unexpected places.  These are pretty much straight up Revelation type schiznit.  I give it two weeks before someone like Joel Osteen declares Obama the serpent rising from the middle east as the Anti-Christ.  (Although, I'd bet money Joel himself fits the bill just as nicely!)  Then again, I guess it depends on which faction you fall into (I'm obviously not in either) pre or post tribulation as to whether we would have already met the Anti-Christ. 

Nice, I'm snickering at most of this as I type.  I guess those worries just needed to be vocalized typed so I could see their irrationality.  Now back to those birds...some jack ass is probably trying to replicate the Flashforward event and we're all gonna get to see our futures here shortly.  Whoops there I go again with the crazy talk.  Better go to bed before I crack open that KJV on the shelf over there!


  1. It isn't irrational Dorn.

    PLEASE look into this, as it is ABSOLUTELY true..

    May 21st is Judgment Day, God guarantees this in the Bible!

    Google May 21 Judgment Day

    Please look, look at NOTHING else but the Bible...and look close!

    May the Lord richly bless you

  2. Remaining anonymous doesn't help you here.