Sunday, January 16, 2011

Facebook Hoax

Yep, read this article and actually believed it.

Facebook is shutting down on March 15th!

So the logical questions rolled through my head...Is this a publicly traded company?  Wouldn't they just make him retire and not shut their cash cow down?  Is this Myspace's wet dream? 

I mean, I wasn't reading The Onion after all.  In retrospect, I should have noticed the National Inquirer "Bat Boy" logo and known something was up.  

Speaking of Mr. Zuckerberg, did you hear he was on the 10 worst dressed list?  (Link) It really is pathetic when you think about it.  It's like he's still 14 years old.  Esquire put it perfectly "no matter how much money you have or how many people's secrets you hold in your digital palm, you cannot show up to a black-tie event in a t-shirt and jeans and expect to be taken seriously. Seriously."  Maybe he's afraid no one would recognize him otherwise.  I mean seriously, valets dress nicer.

Though, there are some folks who wouldn't have had the fantastic 2010 with out him...Link.

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