Sunday, January 2, 2011

Every Parent is Warned

We are warned against comparing our children to each other and those of friends etc.  You just can't help it though.  When my daughter was a couple month's old we were at a birthday party where one mother shared her "techniques" for getting her child to sleep through the night in her own room by the age of 4 weeks.  Let's just say it involves strength I don't posses in the form of allowing your child to scream for extended periods.

This same mother has since had a second child who is only a month older than my son.  He's not been as easy to break as her daughter was.  She began feeding him food (including meat) before he was 4 months old.  We've chosen to delay it because my wife breastfeeds and our little chunk is more than healthy enough on his liquid diet.  He'll be six months this week and we've begun introducing food...specifically rice cereal and this week it was apples.

Hers is now crawling.  Not that I want another mobile destructo-machine but it got me worried about our kid's development.

Lemme tally up my own children then...yes I know, big no no...roll with it though.

Daughter - Born a month early...her timing and possibly partly daddy's fault for making mommy walk around a Renaissance Fair for half a day and then spending Halloween walking all over downtown!
Son - Born a week early...also his own timing even though he ultimately had to be removed...stubborn kid wouldn't flip over in the womb and fully dilated or not, they don't deliver breach babies anymore.

Daughter - Began sleeping six hours by the sixth week...hallelujah!
Son - Six months in and we're lucky if he sleeps for five!

Daughter - Jaundice issues, baby acne and cradle cap.
Son - Here's another hallelujah!

Daughter - Loved her pacifier and ultimately so did we.
Son - Rubber Nipple what?

Daughter - Wouldn't be set down, wouldn't sleep anywhere but on us or in our bed until she was 14 months.
Son - Loves to crash out in the swing, loves hanging out in his exercisaucer, still sleeps with us half the time.

Daughter - Was like a Tasmanian Devil in the womb and swaddling whatsoever.
Son - Chill and absolutely needed swaddling the first five months to sleep!

Daughter - Giant Blue Eyes that just draw you in.
Son - An easy smile that charms you instantly!

Both look like us so much is scary.  I have to say the second one was easier because there was less Earth Shattering Change.  He was easy to calm down because I've been there done that.  I may...dare I claim it...have more patience with him.  Since she's got 20 months on him I'll leave the comparisons to the above...though she's still my whirlwind and he's my laid back hipster!

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