Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tilt To Live

I've written about my iPhone obsessions before (Link, Link).  I purchased a game a few months ago and never got the chance to play it.  (My phone crashed and for some reason it took forever for me to reload the game)  It's called "Tilt To Live" from One Man Left Studios.

So the goal is simple: get as many points as possible by destroying little red dots.  The catch?  Touch a red dot and you die.  Second catch?  The red dots are after you.  So yeah, none of this over the top graphics of Nazi soldiers versus one steroid amped commando.  You're a cursor and you must tilt to live.

The game is addictive.  You get cooler weapons the better you get which gives you the opportunity to make more points and thus gets better see where that cycle is going.  The music is pretty entertaining as well...I don't know how to describe it but possibly rockabilly. 

You have four play options.  Classic...start there and see if you survive.  Code stated in the description, this is Classic on Crack.  The Gauntlet...Think of it as a Tilt To Live obstacle course. only have one shield and a bunch of frozen dots to destroy but if you let one slip off the screen it'll come back as a red hot dot with targets locked on your ass.

My favorite part is the cheeky humor they've added to the whole experience.  For starters, as you wait for the game to load there is a spinning arrow.  The first time I saw the game load it told me to rotate the phone clockwise to get the arrow to stop spinning.  I must not have noticed the screens that came after because I kept "calibrating" my phone to get it to start.  I was punked by a game.  The screens that now show up are like this.

Some of my faves are:
A Test of Insecurity:  You will look crazy if you play this game in public
A Test of Inevitability: Exploding Arrows, the dots always win, just give up now.
A Test of Ambiguity: Do it.  Then know.
Mind Blown: You are actually the villain in this game and the good guys always win.

Here are a couple screenshots of the action.
Rocket Pouches blast off heat (red dot) seeking missiles and
Bombs blow dots in the area up.

The plasma bursts are the best for clearing the area you need to go. 

Ice bombs freeze the dots, you can smash them yourself or use a plasma burst or a bomb to clear them out.

 The vortex can be a pain in the ass but will help you in times of trouble, especially in Code Red play.  It is like a black hole.  Anything and everything gets sucked in...including the music (it's all warped and your ears almost give you a sense of being pulled in).  You can get stuck, but not pulled through, so watch out.

The green shields can either act as direct contact bombs with the dots or allow you to smash and go with frozen dots.  If one is available, I try to jump in it before using any other weapon, you know, just in case I accidentally tilt into a dot.

My favorite weapon is a spiky attack shield.  Annihilate everything in sight.
I just recently unlocked Lightening.  It's like an electric version of the spiky attack shield.

Here's a look at some of the Gauntlet (which I suck at!).

And Here's Frostbite...which I also haven't mastered!

The cheekiness through out the play comes in the form of pop up notices as you score big combos of kills.  5X Highest Combo Conceivable.  Then a second later it'll say 20X, we lied.  Followed by 42X, The Meaning of Life! 100X, 300X, etc.  My favorite is if you don't even score 1000 points, they say "Our Pity."

This is what iPhone games are all about.  Tilt to Live gets a major thumbs up from  me.  Buy it, Play it, Love it!


  1. Oh, you are too funny. I'd love to tell you that guys are just little boys inside...but I just got an order from Sephora (makeup) and tomorrow morning, I'll play!

    That game would drive me insane.

  2. away. Our inner children must find freedom often lest we become, dare I say it...Old.