Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sergeant, Bite Your Tongue...Still

I have to admit serious ignorance here.  When I first heard about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the 90's, I thought it was a good thing.  Meaning, I thought it was pro gay.  I was a kid and only heard positive things being said about it in my ultra-conservative family and state.  It never occurred to me...until a couple years ago, that it was oppressive. 

I now see the error of my ways so to say.  Basically, I hadn't really put any thought into it and so my 12 year old mindset stuck until I was nearly 30.  Even sadder, it was an episode of Army Wives my wife was watching while I was home that clued me in...yep, the power of television folks.

So finally both houses have passed the bill revoking it and Obama has put his approval stamp on it as well.  I'm really happy to hear this.  How is it possible to have a law like this in place?  It's not illegal to be gay is it?  Gay/Straight isn't a box I've ever had to check (AOL aside) for any official forms or census.  So why is the military separating them?  Oh yeah, they are the same ones who wouldn't let women fight in the front lines.

Now that it's set the Washington Post Article I read points out that it's not actually in effect yet.  So what?  If someone comes out during the next few months before it's officially in place they'll get kicked out yet the bill has been past.  That'd be a serious dick move. 

Bide your time a bit more ladies and gentlemen.  I know it isn't something you should have ever had to wait for, but it'll be the norm soon enough.  I hope this has a positive impact on the country's outlook and especially the military's.  Kudos and good luck.

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