Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My True Love's Wallet Took a Hit

Ever wondered what the cost of the 12 Days of Christmas comes in at?  Well the folks at PCN were curious back in 1984.  Back then it was an astounding $12,673.56!  They've carried on the tradition every year since.  Here is their 2010 index of gifts from My True Love.  The interactive storytelling is clever, so I hope you check it out.  If not you can find the essentials below.

Here we go! On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to me A Partridge in a Pear Tree.  You don't really think I'm going to type out the all the lyrics?  Sorry to cut to the chase, but I'm not diggin the idea of everyone wasting 20 scrolls of the mouse wheel to get to the point.

I do have to make a commentary though, I really did think it was Calling Birds, not Colly Birds which is what Wiki posted.  Ugly little black birds versus anything your imagination can concoct singing a beautiful tune worked much better for me.

1st - A Partridge in a Pear Tree - $162 - Up 1.3% from 2009
2nd - Two Turtle Doves - $100 - Up 78.6% from 2009
3rd - Three French Hens - $150 - Up 233% from 2009
4th - Four Colly Birds - $599.96 - Flat from 2009

 5th - Five Gold Rings - $650 - Up 30% from 2009
6th - Six Geese a Laying - $150 - Flat from 2009
7th - Seven Swans a Swimming - $5600 - Up 6.7% from 2009
8th - Eight Maids a Milking - $7.25 per Maid - Flat from 2009
9th - Nine Ladies Dancing - $6293.95 - Up 15% from 2009
10th - Ten Lords a Leaping - $4767 - Up 8% from 2009
11th - Eleven Pipers Piping - $214 per Piper - Up 3.1% from 2009
12th - Twelve Drummers Drumming - $2553 - Up 3.1% from 2009

So the cost of Christmas is up 9.2% from Last Year! That's a grand total of $23,439.38!  And that's just on the 12th day!  Imagine this building upon itself daily!  Imagine the amount of bird shit in your house too.  Gross.  And how exactly do you get a Leaping Lord, I mean are we talking Broadway here?  Cause I don't see to many English blokes proffering up their services for a few days at such meager wages...hell that'll barely cover the airfare.

I hope your true love comes in with a win this year.  I'm so happy it's December!

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