Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kindle Kristmas

So this was the year to gift an Amazon Kindle!  I purchased one for my wife as her "big Christmas gift" this year.  I was mortified along the ride to Oklahoma by a side comment from her she probably didn't even realize she'd made.

You ever been on a long roadtrip and noticed you had a travel companion in the form of another vehicle on the road?  I'm not talking 10 or 15 miles till you clear a bog.  I mean like intercity travel?  Well a gray Suburban and I traveled about 200 miles together from the time I cleared Dallas, TX until I switched highways near Muskogee, OK.

I commented to my wife that they are more like us than my preferred traveling speed.  As we switched positions 150 miles in (him in front of me) I saw one of his kids had a DVD player going, the other was in an infant seat and his wife was playing on a Nintendo DS up front.  My daughter had her DVD player going, my son asleep in his infant seat and my wife was reading on her iPhone.

She said, "yeah, well it would be great if I had a Kindle...but not that I really want one of those." 
I can't return this thing?
Hell it shipped 2 weeks earlier than expected!
Well that bitch is just gonna have to deal cause I'm not sending it back.
My "spoken response" was more of a slight grunt than anything and we carried on about our trip.

So Christmas Eve as we all exchanged gifts at her grandparents house I was surprised to see her Grandmother received one from her husband.  (Not that I should have been surprised given the claim on Amazon's website above)  Later that evening I whispered to her Grandmother that I'd gotten one for my wife she told me that her daughter was getting one from her husband. Crazy, that's three people bam bam bam!

So yes, my wife actually loved it...and not in that fake way we do when we get socks or an Olive Garden gift certificate.  She said I was so jealous of Grandma when she got hers last night.  I told her that her aunt also received one and she laughed.  I then asked her about the comment in the car.  She said "I wanted to say I don't need one because we are strapped for cash, but I didn't mean I didn't want one!"

Later that day when I called my parents to wish them Merry Christmas my mom told me she'd bought my dad one too!  That's 4 people in my "immediate" family with Kindles this year.  Your Welcome Amazon, hope you all get your end of year bonuses!

Some friends got them too.  Others got Kobos, Nooks and Sony eReaders.  My friends who are in the Barnes and Noble Nook and Borders Kobo boats this year were in a Boycott-Amazon mode that I didn't really understand.  I'd be one thing if they boycotted Wal-Mart for being a sickeningly huge conglomerate that is destroying the American economy but their rationale isn't so patriotic.  It wasn't because of the whole Wikileak ordeal.  Apparently Amazon won't carry porn.  They claim that while they don't buy it; it is an infringement of their civil rights for speech and press.  Some people just boggle my mind.  

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! 

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