Thursday, December 2, 2010

Can You Do It Better?

Wanna win $10,000 to blow in 48 hours?  (I should hear clamorous cheering and slews of Me, I do, Pick MEEEs!)

Garnier Fructis is running a campaign that combines the worst best of YouTube and Jackass!  Make a video of you doing something better that how it's normally done.  Sounds simple right?

Carving a turkey with a knife and fork. Pussy.  Try it with a chainsaw?  Better.

Hire a babysitter and go to the opera.  What is this 1953?  How bout you duct tape that kid to a wall and go hit the rodeo?  Better.

Bleach your lady-stache.  Lame. Atomic Tweeze Machine?  Better

Hire a paid spokes person to eloquently yet seductively hock your product during 30 second TV spots in the middle of American Idol?  So Yesterday.  Hire a relatively hot model who can't read a teleprompter (even though you know they edited this from a zillion clips) and post it all over Youtube with links back to Better.

Unknown Title - Watch more free videos

So yes, I'm trying to come up with my own.  Don't judge me!  Should my cajones drop before the deadline I will definitely post it!

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